Over the counter acne treatment for adults

Acne over-the-counter solutions

The school years are way behind you, but the zits haven’t left your face. It’s hard to cover them with concealer and foundation cream when so many other pimples appear day by day. It’s time to take immediate action and start using the Acnezine Solution. Discover the most effective over the counter acne treatment for adults.

Over the counter treatments VS prescribed medicines

You know everything about treating acne at home. But the natural remedies demand diligence, while the prescribed medications cause too many side effects. What’s left to do? Read about over the counter supplements and learn why you should start using Acnezine now. The Revitol product for acne consists in a combination of capsules and cream. Acnezine will effectively prevent acne, help balance the hormone levels, unclog the blocked pores, and clean the complexion.

In most of the acne cases, doctors prescribe medicines that contain the next active ingredients: tretinoin, isotretinoin, erythromycin, tetracycline, salicylic acid, and spironolactone. The drugs are meant to kill bacteria, block androgens, balance the hormone levels, reduce inflammation, prevent the clogging pores, and promote the healing of tissues. Because prescription treatments often cause side effects, more and more adults consider natural options and over the counter products like Acnezine.

How to treat acne in adults

Is your face covered in small, painful pustules, even if you are passed the college years? The natural ingredients from the Acnezine solution will cure acne since the first application. Take the capsules according to the recommendations and apply 1-3 layers of Acnezine cream daily. If your face becomes dry, reduce the number of layers until you obtain maximum benefits and zero side effects.

Numerous adults deal with acne, no matter they are 30, 40, or 50 years old. They are familiarized with the symptoms, but the treatments that worked in adolescence are now ineffective. What can be to blame? The specialists claim it could be your family history, stress, skin care products, fluctuating hormone levels, and even a medication side effect. After starting the treatment with Acnezine, you will reduce the appearance of acne considerably.

Fight off acne with Acnezine

The Revitol-made cream will not clog pores, nor stimulate the oil production. The active ingredient from the Acnezine solution is Benzoyl Peroxide. Based on the information mentioned on MedlinePlus.gov, it can treat mild to moderate acne in adults. In the same time, you must avoid anything that could irritate your skin – rubbing the face, using abrasive soaps, excessive sunlight exposure, using medicated cosmetics, or washing the skin with soaps and lotions that dry the tissues.

On the other hand, the Acnezine capsules nourish the skin and assist combating acne naturally. The pills will prevent the development of blackheads and speed up the recovery when you have whiteheads on the face.