Acne removers face off: Acnezine vs. chemical peelers

When it comes to removing acne marks from your face, you want to do it as quick and as painless as possible. Unfortunately, this medical condition is difficult to heal, and if you are using the wrong treatment, you risk producing irreparable damage to your skin.

There are several ways of treating blemishes, pimples, and blackheads. Today, we chose to focus on chemical peelers and the highest rated acne treatment by consumers: Acnezine. Which one is faster? Which one leaves less dark spots, and do you risk permanent scaring if you use it regularly? Let’s find out!

Acnezine - Acne scar removal cream

How do they work?

Both acne removers have proven their efficiency in restoring natural complexion and texture to the inflamed skin. To get a better idea of which one suits your needs better, you need to understand how they work.

Acnezine is a natural treatment for acne and other skin inflammations. It is composed of a set of supplement pills and a topical cream. The two products work together to brighten the skin, clear the pores and restore your full health. The manufacturer recommends daily doses of 2 dietary capsules and facial massages with the highly-nourishing lotion. It is the ideal remedy that you can use unassisted in the privacy of your home.

As medical research shows it, chemical peelers are facial masks or liquids that you can apply to your damaged skin to remove blemishes and blackheads. As the name suggests, this treatment is based on chemical substances, and it contains fewer organic elements than any other remedy for acne on the market. Most manufacturers recommend that you use them with the help or under the supervision of an experienced cosmetician.

How long does the treatment last?

Acnezine stops acne from spreading from the very first application. It removes pimples and whiteheads gradually, and it takes a few months of regular use to provide your skin with perfect clearness.

Chemical peelers take several sessions in the space of at least two years. Due to the high concentration of chemical substances, you need to leave as much as three months in between the peels.

Are there any side effects?

Acnezine is recommended by doctors and dermatologists worldwide. It has an entirely natural composition that makes it almost impossible for you to suffer any adverse side effects or allergic reactions even during long-term treatment.

Chemical peelers provide a swift elimination of blackheads and blemishes, but they have been known to produce serious health concerns. Among the many side effects that they create are rashes, redness, stinging and acne flares.


Here are the final pros and cons for each of the two acne removers:



  • 100% natural
  • Removes all acne marks
  • Prevents scars
  • Easy home use
  • No side effects


  • Up to six months of daily use
  • Chemical Peelers

Chemical Peels


  • Relative rapid acne removal


  • High amount of chemicals
  • Dangerous side effects
  • Professional assistance is advisable

Chemical peelers are not the primary choice for women suffering from acne. Even if they promise a swift renewal of the skin’s natural texture, they pose a higher risk of epidermis damage. On the other hand, Acnezine is a safe treatment for acne outbreaks that gradually remove all the blemishes and pimples from your face with zero side effects.